"Let’s come together and show that education matters, that equity matters,

that our students matter."



Never has there been a more important time than now for strong and value-driven leadership ready to continue advocating for our students. That is why I—a public school special education teacher and current trustee—am running for re-election to the Franklin-McKinley School Board. 


With a global pandemic and racial injustice devastating our students and families, never have the existing inequities in our community been more pronounced. My perspective, experiences and expertise as a teacher who serves our most vulnerable San Jose students, matter more than ever before. I’ve spent the last two years as a school board leader demonstrating what informed decision-making looks like in action by prioritizing equity, community, and safe school environments.


I would not be here today, as a teacher or your trustee, if it were not for the power of education. My grandfather, a refugee and orphan, fulfilled his dreams in this country because of the educational opportunities that transformed not just his life, but mine. This is the educational empowerment that I believe EVERY child deserves. Every single day, I fight to make this a reality for ALL of our students. 


This November, let’s come together and show that education matters, that equity matters, that our students matter. To make that happen, we need your support. We need you, your friends and our neighbors to vote, and to mail in your ballots before November 3rd. Let’s show our collective power, love, and commitment for our students and community. Thank you for your continued support. 


Wishing you and your loved ones health and safety,



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Paid for by Maimona Afzal Berta for School Board 2020 

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