In 2018, our community elected me and validated that having a teacher on the school board matters.

Voters made a commitment by choosing me to prioritize student achievement and equity, community supports, and school safety/environment. Here’s a look at what we have accomplished since then:


  • Building partnerships to increase the number of students who could participate in summer enrichment. For the first time, FMSD partnered with East Side Community Arts for an additional 100 students

  • Board representative to the Special Education District Advisory Committee


  • Co-founding the Digital Equity Coalition to advocate for city, county, and state action to address the digital divide. To date, $11.2 million dollars have been allocated to purchase devices and hotspots for 15,000 vulnerable families.

  • Amplifying student leadership and developing Earth advocacy policies including: recycling, waste reduction, meatless days, elimination of plastic straws/single use plastics, drinking fountains, gardening, electric busses and solar panels.

  • Launching two district Dual Language Immersion Programs in Vietnamese and Spanish, including the first Vietnamese Dual Language Immersion program in Northern California.

  • Authoring and collaborating on resolutions in recognition and commitment to: Black History Month, Womxn’s History Month, Dolores Huerta Day, Asian American Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Indigenous Peoples Day, Disability Awareness Month.


We have accomplished a lot, so now is the time for oversight and follow through to keep students, families, and community at the core of the work we are getting done. As your leader, I am committed to advocating fearlessly to continue prioritizing equity, community empowerment, and safe environments in the Franklin-McKinley School District.

Paid for by Maimona Afzal Berta for School Board 2020 

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